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Acceptable Uses of Services (AUP)

All Services

  • Prohibited Software: Bitcoin or other mining software, any malicious hacking, DDoS, spam, or warez related software.
  • Prohibited Uses: IP Scanning, Spam, Hacking, activities that generate abuse complaints from our providers, or any illegal activities in the United States, Canada, France, or Germany.
  • Resources: Clients using excessive amounts of bandwidth, cpu, or ram will be evaluated on a case by case basis for termination of their service at our discretion

Free Shell Accounts

  • 1 Account per person
  • Must log in via SSH once every 60 days.
  • 1 background process (screen & tmux do not count)
  • 1 IRC Connection
  • Prohibited Software: IRC Servers, Game Servers, Shoutcast or similar, Bitcoin related software, hacking / cracking / spam related software.

Paid Shell Accounts

  • Prohibited Software: IRC Servers, Game Servers *** UNLESS AUTHORIZED ***

Persons prohibited from using Services

  • Any person residing in a country embargoed or under sanction of the United States.
  • Any person residing in the following countries: Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Romania, Nigeria, Algeria, Russia, China, Egypt, Malaysia, or the Phillipines.
  • Any person who has previously had an account marked as 'Fraud' for any reason
  • Any person who has submitted a dispute with paypal for any reason.